Online Guided Meditation


Holistic health is about listening to your own body’s natural rhythm and learning about what you really need to be happy. What you need to live the life you dream.

You have taken the first exciting step towards living your life in balance. This website will provide you with simple tools and techniques to encourage you to adapt simple, everyday actions for improving your health, happiness and wellbeing each day.

While these tools assist in your wellbeing journey, I believe that the real success will come from you. It is your life. You have the power to heal. You will have the power to live your life the life you want.

We offer online classes and courses for all levels in meditation, journaling and mindfulness.

Freedom – Independence – Happiness

My Mission:

To help 1,000 women achieve their optimal wellness, challenge their historical beliefs and live the best life they dream. To help them find their purpose in life and unlock their potential to grow, feel valued and experience the freedom to live a wholistic life.

After a year of uncertainty and an increase in social isolation and mental illness, your health is your number one priority.

Mediation and Holistic Health Coaching can help you re-establish your place in the world; reset your mind, body and soul so that you can live a life of happiness and freedom – on your terms.

Disclaimer: always consult your doctor before attempting any meditation practices mentioned on this website.