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Did you know that approximately 90% of all illnesses are caused by stress?

Are stress and other illnesses preventing you from living your best life?

We are constantly upgrading our phones, but what are we doing to upgrade our most powerful inner technology of all – the brain?

At Living a Wholistic Life, I offer programs that empower you to take back control of your health so that you can truly live the life you deserve.

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Do you want to:

  • Feel more focused, present and productive in your daily life
  • Be more in control of your emotions
  • Get better at managing stress, and feel more calm, relaxed and confident in all areas of your daily life
  • Be more courageous and take the leaps needed to move into a satisfying career or relationship
  • Learn how to stop worrying and be more confident in making decisions to reach your full potential
  • Stop the mind chatter and inner critic from holding you back in your life

When you advise an executive or frazzled parent (and everyone in between) to sit in meditation for just ten minutes every day, you can bet their reaction will be something like this:

`I don’t have time – life is busy enough as it is!’

I get it – I honestly do

Meditation can be a powerful tool, when practised regularly, to engage your mind and body in peaceful relaxation.

When you are relaxed and at peace:

  • your mind and body are ready for healing. and
  • you can achieve more productively.

Learning to recognise your stressors and manage stressful events is an important skill to have in your wellbeing toolkit. The time you invest in yourself will never go wasted.

My Mission:

To empower 10,000 women achieve their optimal wellness, challenge their historical beliefs and live the best life they dream. To empower them find their purpose in life and unlock their potential to grow, feel valued and experience the freedom to live a wholistic life.

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Hey, I’m Linda,

I am a meditation teacher, holistic health practitioner and chair yoga instructor.

After burning the candle in a nine to five corporate job I discovered that I was not living towards my true values and purpose. Continue reading “About”

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“Lovely and relaxing”

Deb, Morphett Vale, Australia

“These classes are helping me to learn how to relax”

Katie, Morphett Vale, Australia

“Would recommend”

Judy, Woodcroft, Australia

“I enjoyed the class”

Deb, Morphett Vale, Australia

“An enjoyable hour of relaxation and peace”

Deb, Morphett Vale, Australia

“These classes are helping me to manage my injury”

Katie, Morphett Vale, Australia

“I really liked your meditation. Grounded in breath awareness, relaxation and white light visualisation. Great lead in and lead out. Well done.

Sarah, Meditation Teacher Training College, Australia

“I enjoyed reading your meditation and liked the affirmations, they feel quite powerful when reading. Your work is of a high professional standard”

Yvette, Mind Body Education, Australia

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