How to do the shadow work?

Over the last couple of weeks we have discussed what the shadow is and how it may impact on your ability to live a full life. This week we start to explore how to do the shadow work. However, please note upfront that when you start shadow work, it can be confronting as you are … Continue reading How to do the shadow work?

What is shadow work?

This week we delve into exploring what shadow work actually is. Shadow work means working with the subconscious mind to rediscover the hidden parts of yourself that you may have forgotten or even repressed over the years. While anyone can undertake shadow work, it comes with a warning that it can be confronting. Because your … Continue reading What is shadow work?

A tension release meditation

As you leave behind the summer holidays and get back into the full swing of life, you may find that your stressors are creeping up on you again. The time you took off to relax now seems like a distant memory. While the short break did you good in the short term, you now long … Continue reading A tension release meditation

Your relationship with money

As we head into 2023, and the January sales draw to a close, you once again may start thinking about how much money you spent. Then the credit card bill arrives with the hard truth about how much you actually spent. Your reaction to the expense will depend on how you view your relationship with … Continue reading Your relationship with money

Chair yoga to build muscle strength

Based on the traditional form of floor yoga, many of poses can be adapted to chair yoga allowing for all levels of experience from beginners through to advanced who sometimes may just want a gentle relaxing workout. By including a chair in yoga practice it provides extra security and stability for you while transitioning through … Continue reading Chair yoga to build muscle strength

Yoga and meditation coping strategies for Christmas

Not everyone looks forward to Christmas, it often brings out the conflict, stress and high expectations. There seems to be extra pressure at this time of year where you try and please everyone but end up leaving yourself burned out and resentful of the season. However, there is a solution. Yoga and meditation are a … Continue reading Yoga and meditation coping strategies for Christmas

Stress free Christmas with mindful meditation

Christmas is just around the corner. Next week to be exact. For some it is the happiness time of year, but for others it can strike fear into their already stressful day. The pressure of hosting the perfect family Christmas lunch (or dinner), obligations to attend parties, presents, and all the activities that come with … Continue reading Stress free Christmas with mindful meditation

The psychology of dressing good

When you put on your favourite outfit, you feel good, right.  Clothing has a natural power to affect your mood and motivation. The right outfit will unleash a whole new confidence for you to take on your most challenging tasks. When you get up each day, you may automatically reach for an outfit unconsciously without … Continue reading The psychology of dressing good

How to value your time for happiness and a healthy life

We all get the same number of hours in the day. You want to make them count towards living your best life. However, when you feel under pressure by time getting away from you with tasks and activities conflicting with one another, the result is that you become less active, eat poorly and ultimately your … Continue reading How to value your time for happiness and a healthy life

Bookshops, reading and your mental health

Whether you read by yourself or in a group, there is great pleasure in finding connection and meaning in a good story allowing your mental health to get a positive boost. Reading supports your mental wellness by giving you the opportunity to slow down and be present within the story - a welcome escape from … Continue reading Bookshops, reading and your mental health