Natural health: make your own aloe vera

One of the most useful plants you can have at home is the aloe vera plant.  It is easy to care for and loves being indoors or outdoors. But it’s best use is that you can make your own aloe straight from the leaves. Those long, greyish green leaves contain a decent amount of aloe … Continue reading Natural health: make your own aloe vera

How to live seasonally for your health

Your body changes with the seasons so for optimal health, it is important to align eating patterns accordingly. In the warmer months your aim is to eat fresh, keep your body cool and keep activity light. While in the cooler months you will incorporate hearty, immune boosting foods into your meals balanced with energising, cardio … Continue reading How to live seasonally for your health

Bookshops, reading and your mental health

Whether you read by yourself or in a group, there is great pleasure in finding connection and meaning in a good story allowing your mental health to get a positive boost. Reading supports your mental wellness by giving you the opportunity to slow down and be present within the story - a welcome escape from … Continue reading Bookshops, reading and your mental health

Spring equinox: for healing, reflection and new opportunities

Spring - a new season and new beginnings. We know that the arrival of spring means new life, plants grow, baby animals are born and flowers bloom again after lying dormant through winter. Spring is where new life emerges from the earth. We begin to see more daylight than darkness signalling the start daylight savings … Continue reading Spring equinox: for healing, reflection and new opportunities

Unleash your inner rebel for a healthy, happy life

Do you have a bucket list of things you should do rather than what you have done? Do you have well-meaning intentions to eat healthy, exercise regularly or get more rest? Are many things on your to do list those which are expected of you by others and society rather than what you are passionate … Continue reading Unleash your inner rebel for a healthy, happy life

RU Okay Day

Today is RU Okay day a day where people check in with each other and sure each other are okay. However, don’t make your check in feel like an obligation. If someone is not feeling okay take a moment to stop and genuinely listen. It doesn’t cost much to take ten minutes to listen and … Continue reading RU Okay Day

Challenging societal expectations

Sometimes when you choose to follow the path expected of you in society it can decrease your happiness in life. Following the status quo may suit some, but for those who want more it can lead to feelings of discontentment. As a result it can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Each … Continue reading Challenging societal expectations

A focus on goal setting – part two

Last week we looked at how value based goal setting can enable your health and wellbeing. This week we will take a look at some ways to think differently about setting value based goals. Take a moment to reflect on the questions from last week and then write down about 10 things you would like … Continue reading A focus on goal setting – part two

Making meaningful choices

The more you move through life, the greater the choices you have to make. Or do you? Do you find yourself making choices based on your needs, those you love, or simply because if is what society expects of you? While there is nothing wrong with making decisions that favour others occasionally, it is important … Continue reading Making meaningful choices

Be yourself – your way

Be yourself, everyone else is taken – Oscar Wilde This is one of my favourite quotes and although it was coined years ago, it is still so relevant today as it was then. There is only one you and you are unique. When you buy into what society expects you to be you may never … Continue reading Be yourself – your way