Are you at risk of burnout?

Not everyone will realise they are on the brink of burnout until it is too late. You may think working those extra hours to achieve a last minute deadline is normal, but what it is doing is pushing you closer and closer to your breaking point.Continue reading “Are you at risk of burnout?”

Burnout – The Silent Killer

Stress and burnout have been normalised as: `Okay, so you’re tired. I am, too. Suck it up and get on with the job’. But there are jobs where burnout can equal death. The Japanese even have a word for it `karoshi’, meaning death by overwork.

Burnout can defined by the following symptoms: extreme exhaustion, decreased productivity, job dissatisfaction and cynicism. Where these symptoms form a regular pattern, either in yourself or others, you must take notice.Continue reading “Burnout – The Silent Killer”

How Bad News is Bad for your Health

It is important to keep up with the latest news from Australia and around the world, to know what is going on and how your life may be impacted. However, the constant stream of bad news seems to invade every moment of your day. News is readily available on more platforms today than ever before. Both professional news journalists and anyone with a smartphone are reporting the news. Everyone is ready to broadcast the latest world events in real time.Continue reading “How Bad News is Bad for your Health”

How external influences in your life can impact your decisions?

No matter where you in the world you live, your choices may be influenced by others’ opinions. However, it is important to be aware of how influences impact on your own integrity. In other words, what may be right for you in a situation may differentiate from what you have learned. This has the potential to keep you from living the life you dream. The life which you feel deep down is right for you.Continue reading “How external influences in your life can impact your decisions?”

How to Plan your Productive Week?

Do you feel like you have so much on but little time to do it? Do you feel like you have to tick everything off of your `to do’ list. How often are you doing what is important for others, leaving little time for the things that really matter to you?

I hear you. We often feel an obligation to complete all those tasks and that saying no would be seen as defiant. While I’m not suggesting that you say no to everyone, because some things really have to be completed. But there are steps you can adopt to take back control and assess what your real priorities are.Continue reading “How to Plan your Productive Week?”

How to Deepen your Meditation Journey

Meditation is not meant to be spiritual or religious, although it has aspects of each for some people. What it is about though is committing yourself to a regular practise where the goal is to know and understand yourself better. Through meditation we can learn to let go of bias to see the world clearly, openly and calming your mind.Continue reading “How to Deepen your Meditation Journey”

A date with YOU on Valentine’s Day

Self love – to truly love another, one must first love, respect and know thyself.

Do you dread each year when the first signs of Valentine’s Day appear? Everywhere you turn there is some reminder that society is telling us that we need to go out and spend money on things we may not normally spend it on. Such as: fancy dinners, champagne, fine wine, expensive gifts, bouquets of roses and indulging in other unhealthy eating habits and behaviours.Continue reading “A date with YOU on Valentine’s Day”

What lessons can you learn from meditation?

Developing a regular meditation practice will allow you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings so that you may not only achieve peace and harmony, but to learn more about yourself and your relationship with the world around you.Continue reading “What lessons can you learn from meditation?”