Hi, I’m Linda and I am happy that you have discovered Living a Wholistic Life to take care of the most important person in your life – YOU.

I believe in a positive holistic approach to your health, happiness and wellbeing. I have experience in many life changing events, just like you, and with a positive outlook any goal or dream can be achieved.

Let me assist you in reconnecting with your enjoyment of life. With more energy, a healthy body, a clear and focused mind you will be prepared for anything life throws your way.

You deserve more energy, freedom and happiness in your life.

Let’s do this!

At Living a Wholistic Life, I am dedicated to helping you uncover the life-changing habits, tools, routines and mindset to unlock your own personal and professional wellness. I am passionate about helping you to experience more everyday personal and professional happiness, so you can truly live the wholistic life you dream about.

Life is short and you deserve to be the best you can be and have always dreamed about becoming. However, something has always held you back. Whether that be family, work, or even the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

I understand that. I too was afraid to take the leap, but my health and happiness was more important than my excuses.

Imagine – three, six, or 12 months from now you have a plan to

  • Find more time to be you and do what you love.
  • Avoid the overwhelm of burn out.
  • Identify the stressors which cause you distress
  • Untangle your monkey mind with simple relaxation techniques.
  • Understand how stress impacts upon your health
  • Not be held back by YOU, family, friends or the fear of stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • Balance your career, home and social life.

Finally, you have the freedom to be YOU and live your dream life with no excuses!

You have the motivation. You can do this.

Life is short, you deserve to be the best person you can – and have always dreamed of becoming.

I have the strategies to help you succeed.

What can you expect from Living a Wholistic Life?

Holistic health and wellness coaching will help you to see the challenges in your life more clearly and empower you to find solutions yourself. You will be encouraged to adopt simple everyday actions to improve your happiness and wellbeing each day. And be motivated to continue the process every day.

I provide you with tools and information to assist you, but ultimately the real success comes from you. It is your life. You have the power to heal.

I am a firm believer in the holistic brain body medicine approach to managing life, work, health, relationships, creativity and finance so you can take control of your life.



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