What is shadow work?

This week we delve into exploring what shadow work actually is. Shadow work means working with the subconscious mind to rediscover the hidden parts of yourself that you may have forgotten or even repressed over the years.

While anyone can undertake shadow work, it comes with a warning that it can be confronting. Because your shadow is hidden from your conscious mind, you are unaware what may come up for you. If you find shadow work difficult or it brings up confronting memories, you may want to consult a psychologist or holistic counsellor to guide you on your journey.

Shadow work is developing a self-awareness and acceptance of who you are as a person. As it can be quite challenging to uncover your hidden truths, you also need to be compassionate and gentle with yourself.

Shadow work is useful for those who have become experts in keeping aspects of their lives in the shadows. It can be both a therapy and a spiritual discovery to allow you to acknowledge and see the different sides of yourself.

Once you acknowledge your shadow self, you can then become curious about exploring the hidden thoughts and emotions that have influenced your behaviours in life.

Once you develop acceptance and awareness of your shadow self, you can learn to take control of your life consciously. You will become empowered to know how to integrate your shadow and show up in life as your authentic self.

It is important to recognise that your shadow is not a flaw. It is a part of understanding who you are as a whole person. It is a part of your personal development to become the best version of yourself – truthfully and authentically.

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