Chair yoga for balance and flexibility

From building muscle strength to promoting relaxation, a regular chair yoga practice can also help improve your balance and flexibility. No matter at what age, or fitness level, the risk of falling can strike anyone at any time resulting in injury. Chair yoga uses a number of adapted poses to build your balance and flexibility, so you have the confidence to complete your everyday activities.

Through the use of a chair, chair yoga provides extra support to complete basic stretches and poses, a safety net when you are practising on keeping your balance and learning a new pose.

The following yoga poses are just a couple that have been adapted for the chair and focus on improving your balance and stability..

  • Downward Dog
  • Tree Pose (intermediate) and Palm Tree (advanced)
  • Triangle

Whether you are old or young, sometimes you may find yourself a little unsteady on your feet. The above poses are just a selection of movements that can help build balance with a regular practice.

Build flexibility through a number of arm and leg poses such as:

  • Eagle
  • Side stretches
  • Pigeon pose

Attend a chair yoga class

At Living a Wholistic Life, I strive to better the lives of community members through various wellness programs and classes – chair yoga being one of them.

Chair Yoga and Meditation classes are currently being held at the Woodcroft/Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Community Centre.

To book your place and to see how you can benefit from chair yoga, simply click on the below button.

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