Eat your Water

Staying hydrated is not just about drinking plenty of water, although you should still do that. However, there are many fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. These foods can help you keep up your daily water intake while giving your skin a health glow.

10 Fruits and Vegetable to healthy looking skin. Some may surprise you at how much water they actually contain.

  • Apples – contain 84% water
  • Strawberries – contain 90% water
  • Watermelons – contain 92% water
  • Iceberg lettuce – contains 96% water
  • Oranges – contain 87% water
  • Spinach – contains 96% water
  • Celery – contains 95% water
  • Grapefruit – contains 91% water
  • Tomatoes – contain 93% water
  • Cucumbers – contain 96% water

Use your Food Journal to plan how to include these fruits and vegetables into your diet and work towards your healthy eating goals.

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