Summer Solstice – Celebrate your Spiritual Wellbeing

Summer solstice marks the time when the sun is at its highest point on the horizon giving us the longest day of the year. The sun will appear to solstitium – the Latin word meaning to stand still. It is a time for spiritual awakening and awareness as summer welcomes the season of light and happiness.

While the summer solstice occurs between 20 – 23 December it is officially celebrated when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. This year in the southern hemisphere that will be at 2.29am ACST on Wednesday 22 December 2021.

This is the perfect time for transformation and in meditation we align with the solstice energy, purify and remove old energy and focus on intention setting for the new year. It is a time to help with your spiritual growth, achievement of your dreams and sets you up with a positive boost for the new year.

Meditation at this time allows you to focus on healing and letting the light illuminate what has been hiding in the darkness. When you meditate during the summer solstice solutions are discovered, insights and creativity reveal themselves. This is a time of letting go of what no longer serves you, negative energy and things that have held you back.

As the seasons change, it affects each person physically, mentally, and emotionally. You may remember feeling similar changes during the winter solstice in June. Mother Nature was working hard on creating new life through to the spring equinox. You felt these changes because you are part of nature and therefore part of the change.

As the change occurs this week, bring your awareness to these changes and work in harmony with them and let yourself become integrated into the natural flow of mother earth’s cycles. The summer solstice will allow you to experience the flow of the universe taking its course.

Celebrate your spiritual freedom

In addition, as you move through the week allow yourself to show and experience gratitude for what you have achieved this year. The challenges you have experienced and overcome.  The summer solstice is full of spiritual potential and a time for awakening to the symbol of enlightenment, where light will triumph over darkness.

This is your time for new beginnings where positive energy flows through your being to connect you to other likeminded individuals. This celebration of light and positivity represents light and fire.

Not only does the spirit of light nurture and feed your soul, but it nurtures and feeds the earth and all life upon it. This light burns deeply within to fuel the dreams you have inspiring your best self.

As the earth transforms into a full bloom of vibrant colours, allow yourself to turn inwards, enjoy and celebrate this new life. Allow the earth to nourish your soul so that you can grow, evolve, renew, and honour the light in your life to celebrate the powerful transformative qualities of the sun.

New Beginnings

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