Your Mindfulness at Work

October is national safe work month and the next couple of posts will explore ways to maintain your holistic wellbeing. Physical health is the first area you tend to focus on followed by your mental and emotional health. Yet your remaining health areas are considered secondary.

This post will focus on your mental health in the workplace and how you can mindfully enable yourself to be present to achieve what you need to while remaining calm and balanced.

While some organisations focus on mindfulness and stress management training to help their workers maintain a work life balance, there are other simple solutions you can adopt without the cost.

It involves understanding your core values and to  find meaning in everything you do. Even the most dullest task can be designed to build your motivation. Working in a job, or company, you don’t feel a connection to can be draining on your mental and emotional health.

The following three steps are simple ways you can improve your mental wellbeing at work and become more mindful in what you do.

🧘‍♀️. Learn to love what you do by setting mindful expectations of what your job means to you. If this is difficult, pick one one aspect of the role you really enjoy and focus on it. You will find your productivity and motivation increase when you love what you do .

🧘‍♀️. Each morning when you get up, set a daily intention of what you want to achieve. Start small, but make it realistic or you won’t feel the satisfaction of achievement. Once you have accomplished the small goals, you can reshape those intentions each day.

🧘‍♀️. Be present in the moment and take note of what is in front of you. Notice the sights, sounds and feelings around you to emphasise the importance of compassion, connection and communication.

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