The Benefits of a Mindful Life

There is much written and marketed about the benefits to mindfulness all of which centres around being fully present in the here and now. While this is certainly true, not much is written about the negative side. But understanding mindfulness can help you recognise and become less reactive in confrontational situations.

When you have unhappy thoughts, mindfulness helps you to understand and learn why you are experiencing such negativity. Your self awareness will increase so you can recognise when those negative thoughts surface again.

Mindfulness also allows you to learn how to maintain your own thoughts and balance your emotions. It teaches you focus so you are less distracted by negative experiences and thoughts. Mindfulness can help you be less reactive so you respond in a way that helps you achieve a positive outcome.

As you are aware, change is constant. It will always be there. By being mindful in your thoughts and actions you learn to understand and accept the changes in your life.

Finally, mindfulness allows you to look within yourself and understand your true nature.. By doing this you develop self acceptance and compassion where you can experience a sense of calm, peace and happiness with life and the world around you.

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