Do you suffer from SAD?

Do you find yourself feeling a little down as the colder months settle in? Do you feel unmotivated and lack energy for the things that would normally interest you?  Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people who feel like you do when the weather turns grey, dark and depressing.

Like you, I love summer and the bright, warm days. The sun is energising and my motivation increases. Yet, when winter approaches I need to find new ways to keep motivated.

During winter those of us who like summer will experience Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD). Yes, it is a real thing. It happens when you transition from one season to the next but is particularly noticeable during winter.

SAD sees people experience low morale, feelings of sadness and depression, low motivation, and as a result an increase in brain fog. This means finding it difficult to concentrate on the simplest things.

When the sun is shining these people have more energy and come alive, but during the dull, cold winters days they become withdrawn.

So, what can we do to get through the SAD period of winter?

It is important to get as much natural daylight as possible. If you work indoors all day, take the opportunity to step outside for ten minutes on your morning and afternoon break. At lunch, instead of eating at your desk, take a walk outside.

The fresh air and natural light will give you a burst of energy to help keep your motivation for when you return to work.


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